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Four Directions of Health
The indigenous perspective on this planet looks at a healthy life as a balance of the four directions of body, mind, emotions, and spirit rather than only a linear progression from one point to another. The circular representation of life and reality is used in many cultures -the First Nations medicine wheel, the Celtic spirit wheel, the Eastern mandalas.The four directions are represented by the four cardinal directions on the compass-east, west, north and south.

Where are you on your personal medicine wheel? What directions are out of balance? What areas could use enhancement or better skills? Do you rely on a few areas more than others? Are you in balance with full access to all four directions or aspects of a healthy life?

Questions to Ask Yourself

East - Spiritual Body
Do you know your sacred purpose or mission? Why are you here? Who are you? How is your connection to nature? Any connection to spirit guides? What role does religion or ceremony play in your life? How much integrity and accountability is in your life? Are you living a life of service? Can you see the big picture?

South - Emotional Body
How connected is your head and heart? How emotionally literate are you? Can you access your feelings and express them appropriately? How much do you trust? Can you love? Is your life filled with laughter and joy? How passionate and juicy is your life? Does it flow?

West - Physical Body
Do you eat healthy food? How much do you exercise? What shape is your body in? Do you get adequate rest? Any addictions to release? How does your home and physical space reflect your life? Chaotic and cluttered? Peaceful and clean? How is your health? What are you doing to nourish and sustain vibrant health?

North - Mental Body
Do you have mental clarity? Is your life affected by brain chatter? How much do you define who you are by what you think? What kind of beliefs and patterns control your life? Do these serve you? Have you tapped into your wisdom and leadership potential? Are you teachable?

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