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Jodi Roberts

3100 Independence Pkwy#311-117
Plano, TX 75075

Event and Session
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Sacred Space Clearing and Activating

Creating Peace & Balance
In Your Home and on Your Land

Does your home bring you joy?
Is it peaceful?
A place of beauty?
Offering you refuge and safety?
If not –––– change it!

Offering support in clearing,
de-cluttering, organizing and
arranging your home in a mindful
and artistic way. Remove clutter
and chaos to create sacred space,
flow, balance, functionality, and beauty.

Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies
for Sacred Space Available

I work with land and ranches finding sacred spaces, medicine wheels and vortexes of energy. Stewardship of land and nature is taught. Sacred Space is activated.

"I hired Jodi to clear the clutter in my house. We redesigned and changed the energy of the environment by rearranging things. It was like watching Jodi artistically recreate the space. She helped me choose what belongings I really wanted. She helped me identify the sacred elements of my house. The change brought a sense of peace, clarity and the freedom to move more easily. The energy in the house was calmer in a very hectic time. Jodi is able to help with any fear or resistance to identifying clutter and moving things around using humor and grace. I had the opportunity to choose to keep my clutter and make it sacred or release it. It was a very meditative experience of transforming my house."
Karen, Idyllwild CA

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